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Das offene Lernwohnzimmer: bietet Raum zum Lesen, Recherchieren oder Arbeiten.

Regelmäßige Öffnungszeiten: Di- Fr jeweils 11 – 17 Uhr

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Reading circle feminism for newcomer in the theme

In cooperation with the Feminist Library Leipzig „ MONAliesA“ and Hilke Richter-Harder a new, exciting „Project Group Feminism“ will be initiated in Oktober in the ADI.

Starting at the 25th of Oktober 2017 at 7pm we will bi-weekly read and discuss articles on the topics of feminism, sexuality and female role models in a patriarchic society.

We want to open a group for wo*men who are interested in feminism but have not really found a means by which to become active yet. We plan six meetings, during which we will read texts together and exchange. In the course of this, we want to connect the theorie and our own experiences und use it to reexamine our everyday lives. So, if you want to read cutting edge feminist texts, form an oppinion about them, make contact, connect what you read to your own experiences and get to know thew adi and like-minded wo*men, you are just right! No prior knowledge rtequired.

Meetings will be held wednesdays oin the adi from 7pm to 8:30pm. For every meeting an excerpt of about twenty pages has to be read in advance. For participation, we ask for a binding registration for the whole project on h.richter-harder@posteo.de (max 10 people).

Reading circle language: English

To the same time there will be a reading group in German.

You will get the first text after enrollment.

First text: Roxane Gay – Bad Feminist

Deutsch als Fremdsprache / German as foreign language

Termin: am 25.01 um 17:00 Uhr jeden Donnerstag.

Wir machen Gesprächstraining und Übungen. Du bist hier herzlich willkommen, wenn du Fragen zur deutschen Sprache hast.

Der Kurs findet donnerstags von 17-19 h in der adi (Georg-Schwarz-Str. 19) statt.
Eine Anmeldung ist NICHT erforderlich. Komm einfach vorbei!

Der Eintritt ist frei.

We practice conversation and do some exercises. You are also welcome if you have any questions concering German language.

The course takes place on Thursdays from 17-19 h in the adi (Georg-Schwarz-Str. 19).
There is no registration required. Just pass by!

Entrance is free of charge.